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Even the most well-maintained teeth can become damaged or worn over time.

There’s plenty of ways to keep your teeth natural appearance and function.


There’s plenty of ways to keep your teeth natural appearance and function.A dental bridge can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. The dental bridge is a false tooth, beautifully created from porcelain that fills the gap and is supported by adjacent teeth or implants.

A dental bridge looks, feels and functions like your natural teeth

Bridges are a cost-effective way to close gaps.

They’re made quickly and designed to last as they’re permanently fixed to the teeth either side. They create the illusion that the missing tooth comes out of the gum just like a natural tooth.

At Jacaranda Dental, our skills in cosmetic dentistry, gum manipulation and our in-house implant dentist can make sure no-one will ever know that you had a missing tooth.

Dental bridges are one of many ways to fix gaps in your smile. Bridges can be supported by implants or crowns placed over the teeth and joining them all together.


Crowns are a long-lasting solution for damaged or cracked teeth. They can improve the function and the look of your teeth and smile.

Sometimes a filling cannot restore a heavily broken tooth if there’s isn’t enough of the tooth remaining.

Crowns are more durable than a filling, have a better fit and feel, and are stronger in the bite.

Crowns cover, or ‘caps’, a tooth to its normal shape or size to improve what it looks like.

A crown is a customised tooth made in a lab. They’re a lifelike shell that’s placed over the remaining tooth to protect it. They’re made from modern ceramics (and less commonly gold or a combination of these).

We have the latest technology so we can do a 3D digital scan to create your crown. No more messy, unpleasant impressions. Just an excellent restoration to give you a winning smile.



People loose teeth for a variety of reasons. Once teeth are lost there’s shrinkage of the bone that supports the teeth and the bite can collapse.

Replacing missing teeth is important to maintain easy chewing.

It also helps to maintain a normal appearance of the mouth and face.

Dentures are a removable tooth replacement option. They work very well for many patients. They’re either plastic or metal based.

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Bridges Crowns and Dentures | Jacaranda Dental

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Bridges Crowns and Dentures | Jacaranda Dental
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