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Our Team

Staff - Our Greatest Asset.

For many patients, coming to the dentist, is something they feel anxious about. Our staff are fantastic at making our patients feel at ease.  Belinda and Leanne, our receptionists, have been with the practice for many years and know all our patients well. They, along with the other members of the team, Kirsty, Lindsey, Angie and Nicole are friendly and welcoming and make every effort to make you feel comfortable. They are very caring, respectful and professional. They are also well trained, having all undertaken TAFE training in Dental Chairside Assisting.

The entire team takes part in regular education to develop their skills and to keep up to date with everything new in the dental industry. We also update our Emergency Medical training every year.
Our staff also take great pride in their work, as they know they play a very important role in helping our patients feel comfortable and achieve great results.

Continuing Care Department

The ongoing dental health of our patients is extremely important. For this reason we pay special attention to the need to return for preventive visits and have employed 2 Oral Health Therapists to ensure that our patients receive the best possible ongoing care for their teeth and gums.We are fortunate to have the services of Irene Lucifero who manages this aspect of our patient's care. Irene is a graduate of the University of Sydney's Oral Health Therapy Bachelor Degree, and is an oral health professional, fully qualified to complete teeth cleaning for both children and adults. She is also fully qualified in all aspects of children’s dentistry. Jenny Ng is a graduate of the University of Sydney Oral Health Therapy Bachelor Degree. She is also fully qualified in all aspects of child dentistry and looks after both adult and children of the practice. Working closely with Dr Glen Baker and Dr Danneil Wood.  

In a typical continuing care visit, the health of your mouth is assessed. We review the treatment that was done at the last cleaning visit and review how you have cared for your teeth in the time since that last visit. Particular attention to the health of your gums is assess by looking for areas where plaque is building up and for areas of infection and bleeding. Once the health of the gums is assessed, Our Hygienists will show you any areas of concern and show you the best ways to help improve these areas. Our Hygienists will then complete a very thorough clean using the most appropriate technique for you.  We know that cleaning can be uncomfortable for those patients with sensitive teeth, but both  Irene and Jenny make every effort to keep you comfortable.
We have a new cleaning device called an Airflow that cleans the plaque biofilm from your teeth. Using powder and water under air pressure, this device is very gentle on your teeth but also more thorough and most patients feel more comfortable whilst having their teeth cleaned. 

Most patients comment on how thorough this service is.

In order to ensure that your teeth remain healthy, Dr Baker or Dr Wood will also see you at this time and carry out an examination. In this way any problems such as decay or broken fillings can be detected early and addressed before they go on cause more serious problems.

This is a relatively new feature of our practice, and was introduced because Dr Baker and Dr Wood realised they could be doing more for their patients. In the 2 years that our continuing care department has been operating, Dr Baker and Dr Wood have noticed not only the improvement in their patient's dental health but also in their patient's motivation to look after their teeth and gums. An hour spent with an oral health professional, who is focused on preventive care is improving the long term outlook for our patient's dental health.

This is of huge benefit to our patients because it means they are far more likely to have healthy, good looking teeth throughout their lives.
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