Cosmetic Dentistry - Maureen | Jacaranda DentalCosmetic Dentistry – Maureen

Cosmetic case using braces, bleaching, Invisalign and Porcelain veneers.

So many women put off seeking the smile they desire. It’s usually because they put their own needs after everybody else’s. But I think most women get to the point when they think “it’s my turn now.”

I think Maureen was just busy.

But she clearly liked to look after herself because if she wasn’t dressed in high heels with immaculate nails and smart suit, it was gym gear.

Maureen embarked on a journey, she wanted to have better-looking teeth. I knew what to do but I knew there were some things that Maureen might find challenging.

Like having to a short period of fixed braces on her lower teeth. This was followed by Invisalign and bleaching to actually open spaces around her upper front teeth (another challenging idea) so that when we placed the 2 porcelain veneers, they would have the right proportions. Maureen did it all. While working and traveling and caring for her lovely 90-year-old mum.

We were both so pleased with the final result but I loved the Journey to.

Maureens Before and After

Cosmetic Dentistry - Maureen | Jacaranda DentalCosmetic Dentistry - Maureen | Jacaranda Dental
Cosmetic Dentistry - Maureen | Jacaranda Dental
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