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Dr Glen Baker BDS (Hons)
Dr Danneil Wood BDS (Hons)

Preventative care

Clean teeth are important for your general health as well as the
health of your mouth. Studies are now showing a link between gum infections and heart disease. We are extremely fortunate have  an Oral Health Therapist working together with Dr Baker and Dr Wood to provide you with the best care possible when it comes to looking after your teeth and gums. Irene will go back to basics to ensure that you know the best ways to maintain a healthy mouth.

Her role is to get your mouth to a healthy state, give you that freshly cleaned feeling and, with proper instruction, help you maintain this at home.

Gingivitis is a common condition characterised by bleeding gums. This can lead to periodontitis, which destroys the bone support for your teeth and is one of the main reasons adults lose teeth. Quite often, patients are unaware they have this degenerative condition because periodontitis is painless even up to a very advanced stage. The first signs may be lose teeth or spaces opening up in your smile.

Infected gums are also a major cause of bad breath, so professional cleaning and ongoing care can help to eliminate this embarrassing problem.

We all want to keep our mouths healthy and that involves looking after both teeth and gums.

In order to avoid problems, we recommend patients maintain regular reviews. For some people, that is every 6 months and others only need to be seen once a year.

We are very fortunate to have 2 oral heath therapists who care for our patient’s ongoing well-being. Irene and Jenny do a great job of motivating their patient to look after themselves as well as providing a thorough oral hygiene review, comprehensive clean and ensuring that ongoing maintenance is appropriate. They work in collaboration with Dr Baker and DR Wood who examine your mouth at these visits. We have adopted the latest technology for cleaning teeth into our practice and use Swiss made Airflow machines. These use power and water under pressure to remove all the plaque and debris    (Bio-film) from your teeth. It is the most thorough and most gentle way to clean teeth. All our existing patients appreciate the difference  and, over the last 6 months, have noticed an overall improvement in the oral health of our patients.