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Dr Glen Baker BDS (Hons)
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It is widely thought in the community that Orthodontics (Braces) is just a treatment for teenagers. In fact, orthodontic treatment can be appropriate at almost any age.

In young children who suck their thumb or have difficulty breathing through their nose, early intervention in childhood can be very important.

In adults who have always wanted straighter teeth or need bite correction to prevent ongoing damage, Adult Orthodontic treatment such as braces for your teeth can solve many problems.

Of course teenagers with crowded or prominent teeth can also benefit greatly from the improvement in appearance that only orthodontics can achieve.

Because we manage more than just the straightening of teeth for our Dental patients, we are very conscious of achieving the best overall result.

The Dental care of your teeth and gums while braces are on is of utmost importance to us, as we will have to manage any future problems.

When cosmetic dentistry is part of the overall treatment, we manage the position of teeth to make sure that final smile is just what you'd hoped for.

In some situations, it may be necessary to refer a patient to a specialist orthodontist but most cases can be managed by Dr Danneil Wood. Dr Wood has worked in local Sydney orthodontic practices and, as a general dentist, having a unique insight into the orthodontic possibilities for her patients.

Located in the heart of Sutherland shire, both Dr Danneil Wood and Dr Glen Baker Dental Practice are specifically offering Orthodontic care in Caringbah, NSW. PLEASE call us on Sydney 9525 7725 or Click image to your right to enquire online..