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Dr Glen Baker BDS (Hons)
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DENTAL IMPLANTS - Caringbah, Cronulla and Miranda

Jacaranda Dental in Caringbah is one of the few practices offering implant dentistry in the Sutherland Shire. Being based in the suburb of Caringbah, dental implants can now be offered to patients from Cronulla, Miranda, Sylvania or Sutherland without having to travel a long distance. We can replace a single tooth or many teeth with dental implants, and offer both the restorative and surgical sides of implant treatment.

In 2018 a state of the art digital scanner and Digital Cone Beam CT X ray machine have been added. The digital scan of your mouth with a 3D camera replaces the need to take impressions in many cases. An in office CT scanner ensures that all the information necessary for planning treatment can be gathered in our practice, there is no need to be referred to an eternal Radiology Practice.

Due to demand we have recently developed a specialised sub practice called "Southside Implant Centre" specifically for implant patients and have a great new website with lots more detail. You can check it out by clicking here Southside Implant centre.

An implant is made of titanium and acts like the root of a real tooth. It functions like a real tooth!

Implants are highly successful due to the fact that the implant becomes part of the jaw bone.

We can replace one missing tooth, several missing teeth or anchor a loose denture.

One great advantage is that implants are free standing and so we can leave the adjacent teeth alone, which is important if they are in good condition.

                                    Before                                                                               After

With advances in the materials, implant designs and treatments there are some new and exciting treatment possibilities.
The advent of advanced software (such as with NobelBiocare's 'NobelGuide')  can see your implant treatment 'virtually' designed with 3-D computer modelling so that the treatment can be planned before your treatment starts. This means quicker, more predictable and successful treatment for the patient.

The final crown and bridgework is also enhanced with computer design software. Our technicians in Sydney determine how they want the restoration to look. A high precision laser (NobelBiocare's NobelProcera scanner)  scans the design which is then sent electronically and made by a robot in Japan. Within 3 days it is back in Australia and hand finished by the same technician in Sydney! This would not have been possible a few years ago.

We also have the ability to replace missing teeth at the same visit that a tooth is lost. This treatment concept , known as "immediate implants" and "immediate function" can see you with a new set of teeth that can be worn home on the same day the implants are put in. The most amazing treatment process of this type is when someone goes from no teeth to a full set of implant supported dentures within a single visit - a process called "teeth in an hour".

Implant treatment has skyrocketed over the last few years as patients are now seeing the benefits of this treatment. It can usually be performed in the practice as a routine procedure, with minimal postoperative discomfort.

In 2010, Dr Baker has undertaken an extensive postgraduate Master certificate programme with the University of California (UCLA), one of the most comprehensive training programmes on offer in Australia.

"The master Clinician Program is for dentists interested in evolving their practice to where dental implants are at the core of their patient care and to achieve that next level of competence through the teachings of the worlds best implant clinicians and educators"

After completing the course in September 2010, Dr Baker received a certificate from UCLA CDE and gIDE, ranking 2nd out of 70 students from Australasia.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks, and so before proceding you should obtain a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health professional. 

One of only a few dentists in Sydney to have studied this course, Dr Baker is well trained to offer you the latest in treatment concepts and will help you achieve a fantastic result.                        

                              Before                                                                                     After

"Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner."