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Dr Glen Baker BDS (Hons)
Dr Danneil Wood BDS (Hons)

Bite Reconstruction

When back teeth are lost and not replaced, the remaining teeth start to wear down. Over many years this can lead to worn, chipped, shortened teeth and the collapse of the face. The nose and chin jut out, and the lips either disappear or looked pursed. The overall effect is of a very aged face.

With a collapsed bite, simple dental treatment is difficult as there is not enough space to shape the teeth nicely. Fillings seem to break down quickly, and problems happen more frequently. There is a cascade of problems that can see you lose more teeth than normal.

Bite reconstruction is a process whereby the lost height in the face and support for the lips is regained through building up or replacing
teeth. Usually, a combination of treatments is required, but the results can dramatically improve your appearance and your chewing ability.

                                 Before                                                                                  After